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A Parent’s Message – The Program© includes 2 books:

1)  A Parent’s Message – An Interactive Program©

• the Incarcerated Parent Workbook

A Parent’s Message© is a first-step in the Reunification of incarcerated parents, children, and families. The book aligns with goals of in-place Corrections Parent Educational Programs and supports the incarcerated parent’s identity as a parent – not as an offender – while fostering respectful kin and other caregiver relationships. A Parent’s Message© initiates and maintains continuing communication between parent and child using tear-out messages sent by mail.

Description: 112 tear-out pages, soft cover – CONSUMABLE
9 Focus Character Traits
20 Topics of Study
24 Meaningful Parent Messages
64 Parent-Child Communications to mail

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A Parents Message, English

2) A Parent’s Message – Facilitator’s Guide©
• used by Rehabilitation Program Facilitator-Educators, the class instructor or teacher

Description: 384 pages, soft cover – REUSABLE
Facilitator-Educator (Teacher’s) Guide for Workbook
4 Sections – 9 Character Traits – 24 Parent Messages
Easy consistent 7-step format throughout lessons
INCLUDES Suggested Facilitator Dialog throughout

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A Parents Message Facilitators Guide